#81 No Man (part2 of 2)    May 17, 2005

B: Can you believe that the school doesn't have a ready supply of cone hats, and I get in trouble because of it?! B: I bet dumb ol' homer didn't have to make his own dunce cap. D: maybe that no-man excuse only works on giant cyclpses...

Homer was a pretty smart ol' guy. I always wanted to be put in a situation where I could use the trick Odysseus used on that silly Polyphemus. I've never had the chance too though. In case you are a bit rusty on your Classics, below you will find some suggested reading. Books are lots of fun. Some might even say that they're "dumptrucks of knowledge[see comic 80]." This summer I'm reading the Count of Monte Cristo. What books are you reading this summer?
Bartelby's online Odyssey - the story of Polyphemus
A brief look at Polyphemus
Some other good books

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