#85 Chaps and Lassies    June 03, 2005

B:Scottish people sure do enjoy discussing cowboy fashion and dog actors. D:those chaps and lassies are different

Scotland. There are two different signs that they are in Scotland. First, there is the actual sign saying Scotland. Second, there is the ever-constant drizzle. It rains in Scotland quite often.

I've had some difficulty understanding certain Scottish people during my stay here. Some people have strong accents, but most people I can understand what they are saying. It is just that it can be difficult to know what they are saying. They use different words and phrases in their conversations.

"Chaps" and "Lassies" are all American words deriving their origin from cowboys and everyone's favorite T.V. dog respectively. However, in Scotland they have a different meaning.

see def. chap and lassie

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