#92 Nessy Photos    July 30, 2005

Nessy: Uh Oh.  B: Hey!  Look at all those tourists taking pictures.  B: It's as if they've never seen a boy, a dog, or a turtle before. D: Probably just not that turtle before. B:Well...I guess I am an exceptionally cute kid.

T he boy should work on his modesty. The dog is pretty cute too! And then there is also the Loch Ness monster of which they are oblivious. (People probably would like to get a photograph of Nessy too.) Maybe I should just say "...of which the boy is oblivious." I think the dog is aware that turtle shells don't come that big. But have faith. Maybe the boy will figure it out in the next comic. There is just one more comic left in The Nessy Chronicles!

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