New Blog Site    January 14, 2006

The format of the new site is basically finished.  Over the next couple days you should see many of the old comics added to this site. Finally everything will be on a nice format.  Most importantly, it will be easy for me to update and change things.  But there's lots of new features. read on to learn about those features.

Since I'm using blogging software thre are many neat new things on the site.  I hope this will make it easier to navigate and more fun for you! 

New features:

commenting -  you can now comment on the comics.  I hope people will use this to say how they feel about a certain comic.  If you have a favorite comic, leave a comment!

 searching - you can now search for words used in a comic post.  This will make it easier to find that "one" comic you are looking for

stories & thoughts - I am going to try to post little stories I find online or some thoughts I have in this section.  I guess it's kinda like a blog.  If you think you find some story that would be good to share with others send me an email and maybe I'll put it in this section!

rss feed - If you like rss feeds then you should like boydog comics, because this site has one now. 

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