Smiles for Nothing    February 23, 2006

It's nice to smile

Life can be a silly thing at times. Who knows when the slightest whisper in the wind will change your day. It can drop sadness in your heart with the hollow sounding "clunk" of a rock dropped in a well. Or the warmth in your hand might leave you to your own loneliness. Yet through it all, there are still forces that work against this. Something that will always bring us back to where we are happy. It's the hope that springs to your mind, because your imagination has told you what can happen. Or the peace of mind while enjoying a cup of tea with someone special. Or the amazement at something innocent like swinging in a playground as it rains. Or at times, life might give you nothing. Nothing to give you hope. Nothing to give cause for a smile. And yet you find a grin fighting through the melancholy. And it is nice when life makes you smile for no reason at all.

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