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June 24, 2006

#117 California Time

boydog117 B: I never realized Californians are so laid-back that they're a couple hours behind the rest of the country. D: He just learned about time zones. Being in different time zones is like being in the future or in the past. One time I was talking to a friend on the west coast and I was able to predict what was going to happen on a new episode of 24. I could do this because the Midwest is in the West Coast's future. The center of America is very cool and futuristic like that. The East Coast is even further in the future! Maybe that's why people say New York is such a fast paced place. You gotta move fast to stay the future.

June 21, 2006

#116 Standing Still

boydog116  B: If I stand like this for a long time, a bird might land on me...I hope. B: Having a wild animal's trust is the greatest feeling. D: it's already been three hours! no feeling is that good. D: hey! wow! i was wrong. Does anyone else dream about having a bird land on your finger? Or a squirrel sit on your shoulder? Or a butterfly rest on your nose? Don't you think that would be great?! Sadly I've never experienced that joy. But maybe if I keep waiting and hoping something great like that will happen to me.

It is one of those things that we cannot force to happen. There is a balance of patience, stillness, and time. You cannot will something as free as a bird to decide to land where you want it. It will simply go there when it is time. For the boy, the time was not now. Yet the dog, who waited mearly a moment, experienced the bliss. Cheer up boy. You're only lacking in the timing of events. Maintain the patience and stillness.

June 13, 2006

#115 Lemon Add

Dog tricks a furry friend into paying extra for lemon aid The dog is a very good salesdoggy. Although ... that is not a very good way to make friends.

This comic started off as a pure economics joke. I learned about hyperinflation in my econ 212 class three years ago. All I remember is something about bread, Germany, and a dollar to mark ratio of 1:80,000,000,000.00

When I was little I had lots of lemonade sales with my friends. We gave all our earnings to the Humane Society and a Rainforest foundation. We were nice little kids.

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