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July 24, 2006

#120 Mistake Education

boydog120 B:That's my third injury this week. I must be learning a lot! D: most people aren't so enthusiastic to learn from their mistakes. D: maybe that's good... or maybe not. I was reading an article on child development for my internship. This one psychologist argued that today's children are being helped through life too much. She said that falling down and injuring yourself is part of the development process. These days playground equipment is so safe some kids don't learn these basic life lessons. When I think back to when I was kid, I always had some scab from a playground injury. One day in middle school, I actually remember getting sad when I checked my elbows and knees and discovered I didn't have a single healing injury. I realized I was growing up and not playing as hard as I used to! :(

That article is what sparked this comic's idea. The boy may not have the best perspective. You should focus on what is learned and not how many times you fail. Yet, you cannot fault him for positive thinking and a desire to better himself!

July 14, 2006

#119 Two Balloons

boydog119 B: Hey a balloon! How lucky are we to find one floating into the sky?! D: imagine if we were lucky enough to see TWO balloons! There are balloons floating through our skies everyday. Yet, we hardly ever see them. Sometimes we must look for them. Sometimes others point them out to us. Sometimes we must wait. And sometimes they float into our world on their own. It is something small, but something small is all that a smile requires. We should be happy to find the balloon in our day, and maybe... two balloons will pass. That would be a very good day. I think this boy and dog are about to have a very lucky day.

July 01, 2006

#118 A Super Market

boydog118 B: This lemonade sale is doing so well, imagine if we sold cookies too! And fruit! AND bread, meat, vegetables, toothpaste, medicine and lots of other stuff! B: Hey! We should open a store like this. D: I think there's a market for that. D: ... a supermarket. I had a similar idea. Actually it was the same idea as the boy, but it was just a joke idea for me. Anyways, I was joking around with my friend Oliver telling him about my great idea. "They should really make a store that sells food and other things and it can all be in aisles!" I said (or something like that). And he came back with this witty financial/super market comment. It was sooo good it made it into my comics. Thanks Oliver!

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