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August 28, 2006

#121 Pixels

boydog121.jpg Lately I have been very busy drawing for my product design internship. So when I come home, I tend to avoid drawing. I will try to be more dependable during gradschool since I'll have lots of time. (ha!)

Theses other drawings (the ones stealing me away from boydog) are very small and very numerous. They are for a certain anime related electronic toy being released at some point. (I'll be sure to advertise the toy when it is released!) Each bitmap image is only 64 by 32 pixels and only black and white. So as you might be able to guess...I've been preoccupied by the thought of pixels. The result of this assinment is that I have become very familiar with Microsoft paint. I have all types of graphic programs which I use to create these comics. Yet surprisingly, paint with all it's lack of features, seems to work best for this type of work.

All pixel references aside... I hope people get the real point of this comic.

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