#128 Snap-Its    July 04, 2007

boydog128 Boy throws snap-its into air

Happy Birthday America! This morning I remembered the 4th of July neighborhood parades I went to when I was little. Those were fun times. I would decorate my bike and have lots of fun zipping around with the other neighborhood kiddies. One time I taped a bag of Snap-Its onto my handle bars. I think the plan was to do some awesome trick off of a 10 foot ramp and then throw down the snapits as I flew threw the air. The trick was spectacular! I would land and the crowd would hoist me up on their shoulders cheering mmy name. No one had yet achieved such a stunt! Too bad I only performed it in my head. Please exercise proper firework safety and don't throw snapits at yourself. That would be a very silly thing to do.

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