#133 A Post-It    August 02, 2008

boydog133 B: Whoa! I'm on a post-it! What could this mean? am I on a reminder? a brainstorm? a page marker? a love note? an office commentary art piece?
[ todo: Make more BoyDogs. Invent new toy. Pay Bills. Be happy [swap]]
D: looks like i'm on a pretty important todo list!

A grand announcement on a little note! More comics are forthcoming! Now that I am done with school (for now?), perhaps I will find more time to make comics.

This comic also coincides with my recent obsession with post-it notes. I have so many things to take care of, so many little projects, big projects, and ideas, that inevitably I forget some and neglect others. My post-it system will ideally put an end to this! The good news for boydog comic readers is that when I have a good idea I will write it down and that post will stare me down until I make it!

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