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February 16, 2009

#139 Presents Day

boydog139 B: I hate this holiday. No one ever gets me anything! D: but today isn't valentine's day? B: Dumb ol' Presents Day President's Day would probably be more popular if it was more like the boy's idea of Presents Day.

February 14, 2009

#138 Valentine's Gift

boydog138 B: I got someone chocolates for Valentine's Day
B: But I changed my mind, and I'm giving her this pretty heart-shaped box instead!!
D: you still have some chocolate on your cheek. The boy contemplated buying robot themed valentine's day cards for his friends. The cards have such phrases on them as: "you overlock my processor", "on a scale from one to ten you're a 0x0B!", and "if(person==you) {return "true love"}" But he didn't understand most of the jokes...he just really liked the robots on them.

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