#145 Santa Line    December 23, 2011

B: Mom's taking me to see Santa soon
D: fun! hey, isn't that your third soda today?
Sign: santa 30 min. wait
Kid1: bat basketball skates
Girl: dolly puppy skis
B: book dinosaur robot
Kid2: video game comic book action figure
Sign: Santa 5 min. wait
Kid1: cactus BB gun lizard football
girl: prince telescope puppy unicorn
B: boomerang bike koala
kid2 joke book wooly hat sword
Sign: Santa next!
girl: chemistry set tutu paint set puppy
kid2 jedi powers cookies goggles
B: toilet...

Poor boy. I hope he gets to ask Santa for his koala. And golly! That girl sure does want a puppy for Christmas. A big thanks to Angela for collaborating with me on this one. :)

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